Hello and welcome!

My name is Kail but my family has always called me Kägu (a cuckoo in Estonian) – that is where the name of the blog comes from. I am an Estonian who lives in the North of France, in the city of Lille with my Monsieur, our two sweet girls and two cute little boys. I cook or bake (or do both) every day for my family and friends. This blog is a place to share my recipes and tips&tricks about cooking and making mealtimes a joy.

My recipes are all doable in the midst of a near chaos (also known as having kids running around you at all times) and most of them are tested by four severe food critics (respectfully two, four, six and eight years old).

I hope that this blog will inspire some new delicious ideas and help you make family meals easier and enjoyable by all (including parents😉).

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