New Year’s Family Movie / Questionnaire Tradition

This family movie tradition is a beautiful way to have a reminder of what was important to the kids (or to ourselves) at different stages of our lives.

A lovely family tradition to create

Answering the same or similar questions at different ages gives a perfect timeline that can be followed year by year later on. It can become a lovely activity to record the questions and then review the movies or read out the answers from previous years.

Yes, it’s cliché, but it’s true: time goes really fast and the kids grow so quickly. It is so lovely to have some time stamps from different periods of their life. I know that I adore looking at old photos or drawings from when I was a kid. These questions create a real file on each child that will be so much fun to look through later on.

Review of the year

Questions for kids up to 10 years old

  1. How old are you?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. What is your favorite toy?
  4. What is your favorite snack?
  5. What is your favorite sport?
  6. What is your favorite animal?
  7. What is a thing you do well?
  8. What is a thing you would like to do better?
  9. Who is your favorite superhero or cartoon character?
  10. What is your favorite subject at school?
  11. Who is your best friend?
  12. What is your favorite outfit?
  13. What is your favorite song?
  14. What is your favorite book?
  15. What is your favorite movie?
  16. What is your favorite food?
  17. What is your favorite thing to do outside?
  18. What is your favorite activity/hobby?
  19. What is your favorite part of each day?
  20. What is your favorite thing to do with your family?
  21. The favorite place you visited this year?
  22. What is the happiest memory you have of this year?
  23. What do you want to become when you grow up?
  24. What do you think is the most important thing in life?

Questions to add for kids over 10

As children grow they think about more things and have different preoccupations. This means that the questions you ask them have to slightly change so that they would suit their attitude and mindset. Here are some questions to add for teenagers (and / or for yourself😉).

  1. Choose one word that best describes your year.
  2. What was the most memorable moment of your year?
  3. What is something new you learned to do this year?
  4. What is the biggest lesson you learned this year?
  5. What is the best advice you received this year?
  6. Who is the person who inspired you most this year?
  7. What is an achievement you are proud of this year?
  8. Tell about the time you laughed the hardest this year
  9. What is a great compliment you received this year?
  10. What or whom are you most grateful for this year?

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