A perfect barbecue seasoning that you’ll have ready to go at all times. A good dry rub adds tenderness and a wonderful depth of flavor to your grilled meat. Try out this recipe idea for your next BBQ party. The guests will be tremendously impressed, you hailed as a perfect cook and most importantly everyone will enjoy a delicious sweet and spicy meal.

Barbecue season is back! The best barbecue party for the hosts point of view is one where almost everything is ready in advance. One really good idea for preparing is to marinate the BBQ meat. Everything will be ready to throw on the grill with no last minute hustle needed.

I will share with you my secret weapon while preparing to feed the masses: this absolutely perfect BBQ dry rub! What is a dry rub? It is a mix of dry spices and seasonings that you rub all over the meat you wish to marinate. It’ll transform your dish into a perfectly seasoned meal in some hours and almost no hands-on time.

BBQ Dry Rub for Meat

I always shied away from marinades because they inevitably create a huge mess. Well at least in my case, since I am quite disastrously clumsy. Dry rub is so much less scary! If you get some on the tabletop you just swipe it off, no sticky cabinet doors involved😉.

You can make the barbecue dry rub in advance and always have some stored in your spice drawer. Here’s the easy recipe to my perfect BBQ dry rub.

BBQ Dry Rub Recipe


  • 65g (1/4 cup) salt
  • 65g (1/3 cup) brown sugar
  • 30g (1/4 cup) ground black pepper
  • 30g (1/4 cup) paprika
  • 30g (1/4 cup) smoked paprika
  • 2 tbsp garlic powder
  • 2 tbsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp ground cayenne pepper (according to how hot you wish your mix to be)


Drop all ingredients into a bowl.

Mix well and break down any lumps that might occur.

Store in an airtight container (a spice jar or a Tupperware for example). This dry rub can be prepared in advance and stored in an air-tight container for several months.

Prepare to make magic on the grill (or in an oven or on a skillet😁).

Also prepare to have everyone wanting to organize grilling parties at your place from now on 😉

BBQ Dry Rub Ingredients

How to Use a Dry Rub Seasoning?

Marinating with a dry rub takes a bit more time than with a wet marinade. So you should prepare the meat 12-24 hours prior to cooking time. Using the dry rub in itself is easy. You beed to rub the meat with your spice mix and place it in an airtight to rest and for the seasoning to work its magic.

The BBQ dry rub goes really well with most meats:

  • pork (on the grill: baby-back ribs, pork chops, thick bacon slices; in the oven: pork belly, pulled pork)
  • lamb (lamb chops, lamb roast)
  • beef (beef steak, beef kebabs)
  • chicken (wings, thighs, breast)
Grilled baby back ribs, seasoned with BBQ Dry Rub

I hope you got some inspiration here. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more tips and recipes.

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Now send out invitations for your next BBQ party!

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