46 ideas of summer activities for kids

Here’s my bucket list of 46 fun summer activities to try out this year! Summer is a great time to explore new things – get inspiration from this list of ideas for the summer activities with your kids.

Summer is here. If you are anything like me you would absolutely love to organize all kinds of fun things for your kids. At the same time you might be quite easily overwhelmed or short of ideas in the morning when they ask what will we do today. I am just not good at thinking up things that don’t require much preparation or don’t cost a fortune.

So I brainstormed all ideas that would be fun for the kids and made a list of 46 things to do this summer! Honestly, I think my kids would love each and every one of these fun activities. I will keep the list at hand and look a new idea up every time I’m short of inspiration!

Even if school is not yet over in France, it’s definitely summer already. And all of these ideas are also perfect for weekend activities or even for having fun after school. Which probably means that we shall start ticking things off the list even before the official summer break starts😄. Who said we are only supposed to have fun on holidays anyway?

So here you have it. You can print the list out and stick on the fridge so you can easily pick an activity when needed!

Fun summer activity ideas

46 ideas of summer activities with kids

  1. Run in sprinkles
  2. Go to a summer fair
  3. Go to a hike
  4. Spend a day at the beach
  5. Go to an aquatic park
  6. Have a city trip
  7. Play mini-golf
  8. Make a bonfire
  9. Go see the sunset
  10. Go to the zoo
  11. Read 5 novels
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Fly a kite
  14. Attend an outdoor concert
  15. Visit botanical gardens
  16. Go to a pony ride
  17. Organize a boat-ride
  18. Go blueberry-picking in the forest
  19. Go biking
  20. Go see fireworks
  21. Make popsicles
  22. Go to an amusement park
  23. Go fishing
  24. Bake cookies
  25. Have a water balloon or water gun fight
  26. Make an obstacle course
  27. Keep a summer journal
  28. Make sun-catchers
  29. Go camping
  30. Go to a pool
  31. Draw chalk paintings on the road or on your driveway
  32. Go visit monuments in your own hometown
  33. Make giant bubbles
  34. Organize a backyard football game
  35. Sleep in the tent in your own garden
  36. Play frisbee
  37. Make paper airplanes
  38. Practice hula hoop
  39. Have a dance party
  40. Make a music video
  41. Paint rocks
  42. Make a science project
  43. Make pizza
  44. Have a family movie night
  45. Make a time capsule
  46. Go roller skating

I hope you got some inspiration here! Now create your own bucket list of things you would want to do with your kids! If you write things down they will become much more real. So write down the activities from this list you find the most fun or interesting and this will push you to make a greater effort in seeing to actually doing some of them!

I hope you got some inspiration here. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more tips and recipes.

If you need some inspiration for the snacks to serve before, after or during all the fun, you can find healthy ideas in my list of 30 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids . The snacks are appreciated by kids and adults both.

Have a lovely summer break! And most important of all: have fun!

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