Here’s a list of activity ideas so that December wouldn’t feel so long for your little ones (or yourself). Having a bucket list is a great reminder to take time to enjoy life in the present. Let’s all remember that the most important part of this holiday season is to make memories with our kids and loved ones.

It is the first year that I make bucket lists and even though I definitely haven’t managed to get through any of my lists at 100%, they give me a push to move and do something fun even if I’m tired or busy or any other thing that I use as an excuse.

Bucket lists also serve as a notebook reminder for the possible activities from which to choose from. I am not especially creative when it comes to thinking up for the activities for my kids. So having a treasure well where I can fish for ideas is absolutely perfect for me.

So without further ado, here is my Christmas activities bucket list for you to pick and choose from.

Christmas Bucket List Ideas

Christmas Bucket List

  1. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies
  2. Decorate the Christmas tree
  3. Read Christmas stories together
  4. Clean out toys and donate to kids in need
  5. Wrap presents
  6. Go see Christmas lights in town
  7. Write a letter to Santa (make a photo of your kids letters to keep – it makes wonderful memories)
  8. Make paper snow flakes and decorate the windows
  9. Write and post Christmas cards
  10. Go ice skating
  11. Make Christmas ornaments
  12. Christmas tree camp-out – sleeping under the tree together
  13. Do a family photo
  14. Create a Christmas snow globe
  15. Drink hot chocolate
  16. Bring treats to the neighbors
  17. Make a gingerbread house
  18. Listen to Christmas music
  19. Watch a Christmas movie
  20. Donate books
  21. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
  22. See a holiday-themed play at the theater
  23. Cookie exchange party
  24. Do a family video interview. Ask everyone the same questions each year – it’ll make a lovely compilation over the years (that you can watch together every time)


If you’re anything like me, you love a bit of cheesy Christmas music! I put together a Spotify playlist of nearly 2 hours of Christmas music you can play on repeat for the next few weeks😉.

Thank you for reading. To keep in touch between posts, you can find me on Instagram where I share snippets of my life as a mom of four little ones, kitchen tips and recipes.

I hope you got some inspiration here. Don’t forget to let me know if this post was interesting to you! This is how I know what I should write about.

You can download my list of 30 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids so that you have healthy snacks to serve together with all the Christmas cookies and chocolates.

Christmas Bucket List

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