Here’s your perfect date night menu! Beautiful little snacks for appetizers, a delightful gravlax for a starter, a lovely (and light) salmon dish for the main course and a sensual, creamy chocolate mousse for dessert. Are you ready to conquer (or re-conquer) some hearts?

Speaking of my personal experience, date nights kind of disappear when you have small kids. You don’t even notice it and suddenly it’s been more than a year that you’ve been in a movie theater or to the restaurant just with your man.

Even if you don’t manage to get out of the house, you should add some romance in your life from time to time. Organizing a date night in is a perfect solution.

Sometimes even deciding what to make is too exhausting (yes, I’ve been there too). This menu is perfect for parents of young children. All recipes are really easy and need no fancy ingredients. Everything can be made in advance and only needs a few final tweaks at dinner time. Now you have no excuse, not to pamper yourself and your partner. Go ahead. Put the kids to bed and enjoy your evening just the two of you.

The Perfect Date Night Menu


A romantic dinner should always start with a few beautiful looking appetizers that set the mood and give time to talk to each other for a bit.

Cherry tomato Cupid’s hearts

Crackers with a bright pink beetroot hummus


A luxurious bite of gravlax starts the meal in beauty. This elegant first course is ridiculously easy to make and impresses every time.


Main course :

This dish is so easy to make, tastes marvelous and looks beautiful. The zucchini ribbons are a decorative element in themselves and if you wish to take it up a notch you can play with making shapes out of rice like I did😉.

Salmon and zucchini papillotes


A decadent chocolate mousse is perfect to finish this lovely dinner.

Chocolate mousse

You can make all of these recipes ahead of time so there will be no need to prep anything in the middle of your romantic evening.

Fair warning! Salmon and chocolate are both considered in the top ten of the most aphrodisiac foods… Just so you know what you’re getting yourself into😉.

If you need some inspiration for the next morning you can grab my guide of 10 mood-boosting foods where you have five smoothie ideas to make your days a bit brighter!

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