How about some spooky healthy snacks to make your kids Halloween even more fun but lessen the amount of candy they will consume over this holiday period. Here are 3 ideas for homemade Halloween treats that are fun, healthy and delicious!

Homemade & Healthy Halloween Snacks

Halloween is a very candy centered holiday. Although I absolutely adore sweets, it’s good to add a few healthy options to your kids snacks.

The best way to grow kids enthusiasm about trying anything is to include them in the making process. These snacks are perfect to encourage kids to eat more fruit and to also eat some savory bites instead of only surviving on candy during the Halloween season. Most of the ideas here are absolutely doable by kids themselves. Depending on their age you may need to lend a bit of a helping hand but they will be thrilled to prepare and later eat some spooky snacks.

I assembled here 3 easy homemade snack ideas to prepare a Halloween party menu or just have fun with the kids. Check out these great ideas for healthy Halloween snacks and get inspired!

1. Scary Fruit Skewers

Last year we made some scary fruit skewers. You can find further instructions in last year’s blog post:

Scary fruit skewers for Halloween

2. A Cauldron of Savory Snacks

Who says that treats have to be sweet? Here’s a cauldron of savory snacks that make a great picnic-style lunch or dinner, are really fun and fill their tummies just nicely in the middle of a Halloween party. In the cauldron you can find:

  • Witches’ brooms made of string cheese (draw a ring around it with an edible marker or make a knot with a twig of green onion to finish the look).
  • Severed fingers of sausages dipped in ketchup.
  • Blood drops of cherry tomatoes.
Scary cauldron of savory Halloween snacks

3. Drawings on Fruit

How about some Mandarin pumpkins and some Boo-nanas? Fruit is always a good idea. If something as simple as a little sharpie-drawing can make it spooky and cute, why not take advantage?!

Mandarin pumpkin & Boo-nana

Bonus Tips

  • Edible google eyes are wonderful! They will transform more or less anything into a spooky snack. Like these spider-shaped chocolate banana bread muffins here (I used my Chocolate Banana Bundt Cake recipe for these)!
Chocolate banana-bread spider muffins
  • Have fun with melted chocolate in a piping bag or edible black marker to draw scary faces or spider legs on fruit, cookies (like the Chocolate Chip Cookies on the photo below), apple sauce pouches, green smoothie glasses (think Frankenstein).
Chocolate chip cookies with spiders
  • Use fun and spooky bowls, plates, cups, napkins or decorations to spice up the serving table and make the kids eyes sparkle even more!
Use holiday-themed bowls and decorations to easily transform snacktime!

I hope you got inspiration to get some spooky action going in your house! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more tips and recipes.

I also have a list of 30 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids that you can download so that you have even more healthy snack ideas to insert in between all the inevitable Halloween candy.

Have a spooktacular Halloween everyone!

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