Try these 3 tips to get your kids to appreciate healthy snacks. It will transform your kids eating habits, they will be much more likely and even happy to try new good foods and make the whole food organization of your family less stressful.

A healthy snack board for kids

Snacking is usually considered the bane of all parents existence. The kids demand snacks all the time. And it always gets out of hand. Everybody eats too much and too salty, too greasy, too sweet things.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if I told you that just a few small tweaks in your habits and you can easily enjoy snack time without being afraid of nobody eating dinner later or the kids having a sugar rush just before nighttime?

Below you’ll find the 3 tips that I encourage you to put to test to transform snack time into something fun, easy and enjoyable for the kids as much as yourself.

If you need inspiration for healthy snack ideas, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered here as well! You can download my free pdf with the list of 30 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids where you have 15 savory and 15 sweet kid approved snack ideas to choose from!

3 Tips to Make Healthy Snacking Easier

Tip 1 Have healthy options at home

Make sure to always add healthy snacks to your weekly meal plan and your shopping list. It is easier to serve healthy options if you actually have them on hand. And quite honestly, the kids usually try veggie sticks or cherry tomatoes with great pleasure if you just put some in front of these them.

Tip 2 Make healthy snacks fun

Fun serving styles always do the trick. Here are a few ideas.

  • You can put snacks on a toothpick and make skewers.
  • You can give vegetables or fruits fun forms with the help of cookie cutters. Do you want a carrot? No. Do you want to carrot flower? Of course!
  • You can create roll ups with tortillas and healthy spread.
  • You can just give them a toothpick, serve different snacks on the table and tell them they are not allowed to use their hands or a fork. they are only allowed to eat using only their toothpick.
Healthy Snack Skewers

Tip 3 Have them prepare the snacks themselves

I think this is the most powerful one of the tips. It amazes me every time how much easier the kids will eat foods they have prepared themselves. I have seen multiple times my children happily devour foods they had previously declared uneatable, just because they had a hand in preparing the meal. Try it! It makes a world of difference I promise you. You can prepare different healthy snacks on the counter and have the kids assemble the snack board with the foods available. You can give them a theme or instructions so that it becomes a challenge. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make your snack board really pretty.
  • Make it funny.
  • Make it look like a face.
  • Make it scary for Halloween.
  • Make it Christmasy.
  • Make it look like a bunny for Easter.
  • Make a snack board so that everyone in the family will find something they love.
Kids Enjoying Healthy Snacks

So here you have it. These were the 3 tips to try with your kids. Let me know in the comments if they were helpful and tag me on Instagram if you use any of these ideas, so I can cheer you on and share your photo on my stories😉

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